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EFairness Issues

ABA and NAIBA are teaming up with the Alliance for Main Street Fairness to address e-fairness issues in our region. Click here to read a letter from Dave Grogan, Senior Public Policy Analyst at ABA, about the efforts.

In the coming days and weeks, a representative from AMSF may be contacting you about signing up as a member of the coalition. They are not selling anything or looking for financial support, and we encourage you to add your business to their list of supportive members. ABA or AMSF may also call upon you to contact your legislators, write your local paper, or provide testimonials for the coalition's communications materials.

Please download a coalition sign-up form below, which we urge you to complete and return quickly. You can download AMSF's toolkit as well, which includes a more in-depth review of the issue, media reports and more. In addition, you can find an assorted array of tools at ABA's E-Fairness Action Kit, including template letters that you can adapt and an economic fact sheet.

Download New Jersey coalition sign-up form
Download Pennsylvania coalition sign-up form

Get ABA E-Fairness Action Kit

Visit E-Fact, which provides booksellers in the 42 states that collect sales tax but do not have e-fairness legislation state-specific templates to their state legislators and Governor calling for e-fairness. Booksellers can simply go to E-FACT and navigate to their state, where they will find the relevant documents that can be adapted and then e-mailed to the appropriate person. E-FACT includes op-ed pieces, FAQs, relevant articles, and practical suggestions for advocating on behalf of e-fairness.May 7, 2020: Pennsylvania talking points have been recently updated by ABA. For more information go to E-Fact.