Publisher Advocate Program


If you are a bookstore without specific publisher representatives, we can help. NAIBA provides a program to help booksellers in the seasonal order process. Publisher Advocate gives booksellers access to marked-up Edelweiss catalogs they wouldn't otherwise see. A rep's knowledge of the new season's list can be passed along to booksellers who currently don't have a rep, ensuring smarter buying.


  • Create an Edelweiss account.
  • Select Publishers Advocate as an option on your profile in the NAIBA website.
  • Follow this link to sign up and tell us which catalogs you need.
  • Sit back and wait for them to arrive in your mailbox.
  • Review the marked-up catalogs when they arrive, and make buying decisions based on the experience and knowledge provided by the house rep.
  • Place your order through your normal channels, whether direct or through a wholesaler.


Only sign-up for catalogs that you don't receive from a house rep or inside sales. Orders must be placed through your normal channel, not the marked-up Edelweiss catalog. The reps providing the marked-up catalogs will not be placing the order. (So don't hit the "place order now" button on the marked up catalogs.)

** If you've previously signed up for this program, we encourage you to submit your information again, since reps have changed and your own needs may have changed.


Edelweiss Instructions & Links

To open an Edelweiss account and gain access to all the publishers catalogs:

*NOTE: Orders generated through the Publishers Advocate program must go through your normal ordering channels. Do not use the "Create Order" button in Edelweiss.

(Fine Print: This program is available only to NAIBA members. Well worth the small price of admission to have a group dedicated to bringing you programs like this one.)


There are many stores missing out on the benefits of marked-up catalogs. That translates into lost sales for publishers and booksellers.

Too many NAIBA stores don't have the luxury of field reps or access to telemarketing. Receiving Edelweiss marked-up catalogs would improve their operations, and NAIBA wants to help them succeed.

We need reps to volunteer to send their mark-up catalogs to underserved bookstores throughout our region. We'd also like reps (field, inhouse, marketing people too) with an eye for collections to do the same. We would provide you with the emails of the stores, and sending the catalogs is the only obligation you have. Orders would be handled in whatever manner is in place for each individual stores.

Email NAIBA to volunteer. Include in the email any collections you manage for your current customer base and would be willing to share to a broader audience. Please pass this email along to your colleagues who might be interested. Once I have the list of participating publishers and the collections, I will have the booksellers sign -up. I will then share the list of interested booksellers' emails with you.