Our Mission

The purposes of NAIBA are to promote cooperation and mutual interest among booksellers and to foster and advance their trade and commerce by:

  • (a) Encouraging the exchange of ideas and information;
  • (b) Educating booksellers in techniques essential to the effective conduct of their business;
  • (c) Holding trade shows and exhibitions;
  • (d) Promoting ethical and fair dealing in the trade;
  • (e) Protecting the First Amendment rights of free speech;
  • (f) Promoting the cause of literacy;
  • (g) Increasing public awareness of the value of the bookseller as a vital community resource;
  • (h) Seeking to promote excellence and professionalism in the retail book industry.

We are guided by our Code of Conduct and Non-Discrimination Policy


  • Eileen Dengler
    Eileen Dengler
    Executive Director NAIBA (516)333-0681
    Executive Director
  • Kit Little
    Kit Little
    Executive Administrator NAIBA
    Executive Administrator
  • Elliott batTzedek
    Elliott batTzedek
    Member Relations Coordinator
  • Kathy Ellen Davis
    Kathy Ellen Davis
    Social Media Coordinator