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Publicity Speed Dating 2024

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (EDT)

Event Details

Nothing compares to time spent face-to-face with an events manager or store owner, passionately telling a publicist about their store events program and finding the perfect fit for authors. In fast-paced (15 minutes per appointment) meetings (up to 21 in just this one day) booksellers and publicists can find the perfect spots for authors. 

Booksellers: There is a nominal $35 fee to attend. Open only to NAIBA members.

Publicists: This is a free event you. You are welcome to attend for the full day (our preference) or split an assigned table between publicists / imprints or double up for greater impact.   Register here (and choose either a full day, morning or afternoon slot.)

Publishers: We do feature three authors (one at breakfast and two at lunch). Contact Eileen Dengler ( if interested.

What is Publicity Speed Dating?

15 minute individual presentations to a single publicist to introduce your bookstore, share your event capabilities, and make broad requests to fill your event calendar. NAIBA creates the "dance cards" and manages the timing of the day. There are 21 slots in the day, but more appointments can be squeezed in by virtue of being present at the event.

Booksellers: Watch our publicity kit video. Then, update your publicity kit and practice your pitch.

Booksellers must bring printed publicity kits to the event, and we recommend at least 50 copies.