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NAIBA Booksellers Temp Agency
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There are many experienced booksellers in the region. Most would love more hours of bookselling and the opportunity to experience another store close by. Or possibly you know someone who isn't working in the store anymore, but could use some temporary work?

Bookstores are always in need of temporary help during events, staff vacations, and to attend NAIBA and ABA professional events.

To facilitate this need, NAIBA will compile a list of booksellers who are available to work temporarily at stores across the region. We'll keep this list on our website, and you can refer to it whenever the need arises.

Even though we call it a Temp Agency, it is merely a list of booksellers who are available to temp in stores. NAIBA recieves no compensation for this service, nor do we screen the list. We are just being helpful.

Publishers - if you have bookselling experience, and would like to keep your bookselling skills fresh, sign up too.

If you'd like to be on our list of experienced booksellers, email us:
Counties You Can Work in
Experience with which POS System
Name(s) of bookstores you've worked
Bookstore Reference
Any special skills / experience you offer

** February 2019: The list is being revised, so come back soon to find the valuable help you need **

New Jersey
New York City
New York State
Washington DC