NAIBA Publisher Promotion Offers
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For current publisher promotions click for the document or spreadsheet.

Keeping track of publishers' on-going specials, especially for backlist, can be daunting. When you are ready to place an order on Monday morning, you can't find that darn email that lists the promotion.

NAIBA compiles that information in an excel spreadsheet and emails it to buyers on Monday mornings. To receive this material, email NAIBA the names and emails of the people responsible for your buying and ordering and we will endeavor to make their lives a little easier.

This program was created by NAIBA as a way to get your special deals in front of the booksellers at the time they are placing orders. The response from the booksellers is pure excitement. They are so happy that NAIBA is compiling this information in one place so they can scan it before they place their weekly reorders.
All you need to do is assign someone to receive a reminder email from NAIBA every Wednesday, and to reply with any current specials by Fridays. There is a link to a Google Form that they will fill out. NAIBA will send a spreadsheet to book buyers on Monday mornings. Pretty simple, and so useful.

This list is distributed nationally by NAIBA through the regional booksellers associations.