Exhibiting at the NAIBA Fall Conference
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Exhibiting at the NAIBA/SIBA New Voices New Rooms Fall Conference
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We have so much to offer you. Click here for a full summary of pricing, packages and the schedule. Below is a quick summary. 

Join us as a Sponsor and/or Exhibitor


Featured/Premier Events: 4 Authors to be featured at each event; $1,000/author plus ARCs for all bookseller attendees. These events include: breakfast, lunch and dinners, Monday – Friday; and Late Night with... on Tuesday & Thursday


Author Events (themed): 3-5 authors at each event; $700/author plus ARCs for all bookseller attendees. These events will be hosted Monday – Friday during the hours of 10am – 4pm. We are open to ideas and themes, and have a few of our own (but are not limited to): Parapalooza & Room of One’s Own &  Writers Studio & Meet Me at the Bar with … & In the Kitchen with.. & In the Music Room  & In the Artist Studio We have the opportunity to have fun and spotlight the author / illustrator / book theme in memorable ways, so let’s get creative.


Pre-recorded opportunities: $400 per author. Share content with our booksellers that you’ve prerecorded. Book readings, interviews, trailers, live mixology, library or writing studio tours, sharing favorite outdoor spaces or a walk about their home and private spaces, an author reading a passage from their book while enjoying a bubble bath, a personal invitation from the author to attend their event at the show, or a conversation between authors about their new book, etc. Let your imagination go wild. It will be featured as an event during the week-long show, and receive prominent placement on the Show website and show promotions.


*Author opportunities are not guaranteed and are only available to New Voices New Rooms sponsors and exhibitors. To register as a sponsor or exhibitor, click here.*


Events Designed for You: Want to do something different? We love designing special thematic events celebrating your authors’ new titles. These keynotes focus on one author’s work, or pair several authors in fabulous new ways. Fee based on number of authors & length of program.


Authorless Events: Available for publishers with a virtual exhibit booth

Rep Picks: $200 per 10 minute slot

Editor Buzz Panel: $200 per 10 minute slot


Pitchapalooza Gifts! $99 for 5-minute slot in a daily hour of Pitchapalooza Gifts. Pitch your best gift/sideline to booksellers in a time slot you can expand to meet your needs (15 minute max during one session). Booksellers encouraged to enter their contact info on the chat, and they will also be directed to visit your virtual booth for more details.


Virtual Exhibit Hall for publishers, vendors & authors: $500.  Your logo links to a publisher page which you create and manage. It includes a feature piece in each association’s newsletter in the weeks prior to the conference. Suggestions for the page content:

  • Your curated Edelweiss collection
  • Contact to make an appointment with you during or after the show
  • Videos/photos you provide of new books, authors, or gift items
  • Show specials (discounts, book bundles, special shipping, etc)
  • Links to your sponsored programming during our NVNR show


$300 NVNR Show Box: Inclusion of one item in a box sent to all registered booksellers prior to Show


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*Available for publishers with a virtual exhibit booth*

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