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#ReadLoveSupportBinc Author Matching Gift Challenge

On June 10th the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation launched the #ReadLoveSupportBinc campaign with a goal to raise $100,000. So far with generous support, donors have contributed over $58,000.

Today, Binc is thrilled to announce authors Kate DiCamillo, Ann Patchett, Will Schwalbe, and Garth Stein, have created a pool of funds to match new gifts (up to $15,000) made for the ongoing #ReadLoveSupportBinc fundraising challenge. You can join these authors today and double the impact of your gift.

Every dollar helps and right now all gifts will be doubled thanks to the generosity of the authors who have come together to create the match and help Binc achieve the $100,000 fundraising goal.

On why she donates to Binc Kate DiCamillo said, “Booksellers have handled my books with so much love and tenderness, this is a way for me to make sure they get love and tenderness when they need it.”

Binc Ambassador, Ann Patchett, said, “If you feel like the world is falling apart and you want to know how to help, help through Binc. They get money to booksellers in crisis and they do it fast. The help Binc provides makes an enormous difference.”

On why Will Schwalbe contributed to the match he said, “I’m honored to join with these authors to help Binc, an organization I admire tremendously because they are always there for booksellers in times of need, changing the lives of these community heroes I so respect and love.”

On why he supports Binc, Author Leadership Circle chair Garth Stein said, “Bookstores are like the air we breathe: we don’t recognize how vital they are to our survival until they’re gone. As a lifelong reader and writer, supporting and advocating on behalf of the Binc Foundation is one of the ways I can ensure a vigorous, uninterrupted supply of air for my soul and the soul of our world. Booksellers and bookstores
have played a significant role in my life and career—indeed, I cannot imagine a world without them. The dauntless work of Binc means that I never will have to, and for that, I am grateful."

Join these authors and double the impact of your gift to help booksellers and comic retailers facing crisis today. Donate now: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/book-industry-charitable-foundation/read-love-support