ML Books Business Opportunity

Jobs Bank,

ML Books, Inc., a New Jersey corporation exporting books to a parent company, a German library supplier, is looking for a bookstore or bookselling company either to take over the company or to incorporate its operations into their own business.

These operations comprise the business end of book purchasing in the U.S. and Canada for the parent company, with almost all shipments routed to a freight forwarder in New Jersey.  Work includes price inquiries; placing, tracking, and following up wholesale and direct orders, as well as some standing orders, all of which are sent from the parent company; prepayments; invoice payments; minor receiving and reshipping duties; and general office administration, including basic bookkeeping.  These activities could constitute a sideline to an existing business or could be integrated into a bookseller’s current purchasing. 

The work requires roughly half-time for one person.  NO MONETRY INVESTMENT IS INVOLVED. 

Experience with library supply, STM/legal/academic publishers, and extensive direct ordering is also preferred. 

Please contact Bill Mingin at for more information. 

PLEASE NOTE:  as primarily a service corporation supplying only one company, ML Books does not maintain a website.