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Teicher Receives Legacy Award

Thursday, October 31, 2019   (0 Comments)
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At the conference, NAIBA presented its Legacy Award to Oren Teicher, retiring CEO of the American Booksellers Association. NAIBA president, Bill Reilly, made a trip to ABA's office to present the award since Teicher could not attend the conference. (Click here to see that brief ceremony.)
When asked about his thoughts on the future, Teicher said that the most important thing is that booksellers have figured out how to adapt and how to change. "Our world is changing radically. Everything about the way our businesses operate is different; the way our customers behave, the way technology has impacted every single thing that we do, so that for us, the way we’re able to continue to be relevant and the way we’re able to continue to compete is by willing to adapt and to change."
His best advice: "Don’t be afraid of those changes. Don’t be scared that maybe tomorrow you are going to have to do something slightly differently than the way you’ve done it today. Be willing to adapt." He’s most proud that ABA has created an environment where stores have a comfort-zone in changing and trying new things, "to acknowledge the way the world is changing." 
He accepted the Legacy Award on behalf of the entire ABA staff and volunteer leadership, since honoring him “by extension is honoring all of them.”