2022 BIPOC Bookseller Awards

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The BIPOC Bookseller Awards celebrate and uplift the Black and Brown independent booksellers whose dedication to indie bookstores and their communities have touched and influenced countless lives. The recipient of the 2021 Innovation Award, Dartricia Rollins said, "I am truly inspired to keep going because of this award."

Three annual awards are granted for Activism, Innovation, and Leadership. Awardees are gifted $1000, receive a physical award plaque, are spotlighted in media channels, and are spotlighted during author/bookstore events throughout October 2022 (Margins Bookselling Month). 

  • The ACTIVISM AWARD is for the bookseller who goes above and beyond to advocate for Black and Brown booksellers and literary representation, in their stores and communities. 
  • The INNOVATION AWARD is for the bookseller whose vision, whether entrepreneurial or programmatic, has shown us what the future of the industry should be. 
  • The LEADERSHIP AWARD is for the bookseller who has dedicated their career to supporting, uplifting, and leading Black and Brown booksellers in their stores, communities, regions, and/or nationally, fighting for systemic change for all BIPOC in the bookstore industry. 
Viniyanka Prasad, the Executive Director of The Word, A Storytelling Sanctuary says, "BIPOC booksellers have played a vital role in providing knowledge, camaraderie, vision, and truth. As BIPOC booksellers continue to put on all the hats that are needed, we must continue to make space to celebrate all of their facets." 

"With the support of our fellows in the book communities, we can continue to shine the light on all the brilliant work BIPOC booksellers do on a daily basis." Angela Maria Spring, Owner/Founder Duende District Bookstore

To nominate a bookseller, please complete this form - https://forms.gle/64ELYEkfGpw54ePW8