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Stories from Binc 
Taking Care of Mom
When a bookseller's mother was diagnosed with rare form of cancer they were thrust into a new role as a caregiver. On top of full-time work at the bookstore, this bookseller spent the better part of a year making a 90-mile drive almost daily to help their parent. The bookseller's mother needed assistance with doctor's appointments, medical treatments, housework, and other everyday tasks. Without the means to hire someone and with no other family nearby, the role as the sole caregiver was taken up by this bookseller.  As their mother's health became more fragile, more and more help was needed,  eventually making the daily commuting unsustainable.  The bookseller was forced to relocate closer to their ailing parent and give up the bookstore job they loved. The bookseller now faced a mountain of tasks and expenses - packing up all of their belongings, finding a new apartment, moving and setting up utilities, and securing part-time work - all while continuing to care for their parent. Luckily for this bookseller, their store owner knew about the Binc Foundation and encouraged them to apply for assistance. Binc was able to pay for moving expenses to help them settle into their new life. This bookseller will never regret the time they are spending caring for their loving parent and due to the generous donors to the Foundation, Binc was able to play a part.

The bookseller writes: "Magic happens when you give yourself over to the universe. I've felt like I"m falling and no one will let me - it's amazing, all these catchers. I'm lucky!"

And remember that part-time job they needed? You guessed it - it is in another bookstore!    

If you are experiencing the Loss of Household Income due to Eldercare or other unexpected events, contact Binc. We are here to help.