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Everything You Need to Know
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Everything You Need To Know About the

NAIBA Fall Conference 2016


Download "Welcome to the NAIBA Conference" for information to prepare you for the conference.  You can find the conference schedule HERE.

Staff out of office

Kit Little ( will be out of the office starting on Thursday. Eileen Dengler & Doreen Killard will be out starting Friday. Email communication will be limited.

Baltimore Marathon is on Saturday,October 15

Starting at 8am on Saturday, October 15, 2016 until approximately 1:30pm the Light Street entrance for the hotel will be restricted for the marathon.  All guests must access the hotel via the Charles Street Entrance.  Our valet team will be available and able to assist you upon arrival.

Real time traffic and road closure updates can be viewed at

Membership Give-Backs

Bookstore members who have attended the conference in the past are given a 25% discount off the ticket prices if registered by Sept. 1.

Bookstore members (new or old) who have never attended the conference will get a free ticket packet and $100 rebate for their hotel room if registered by Sept. 1. (Submit the bill after the conference.) This applies to the store, not the staff. (If the store has never been represented at the conference.)

All bookstores can apply for a frontline bookseller scholarship (which is a free ticket package). Email NAIBA to check availability. (Supply is limited.)

Baltimore Bookstore tour sponsored by Baker & Taylor tour:  **CHANGE IN PLANS. All attendees for the bookstore tour must make their own way to The Ivy Bookshop. The bus will depart from there at 2:30pm, stopping at  The Children's Bookstore (3:00pm), Atomic Books (3:40pm), and back to The Ivy Bookshop, in that order, spending about 30-45 minutes at each store. You must reserve a seat on the bus, but you can always drop in on the tour at any time.





Everything Exhibitors Need To Know About the

NAIBA Fall Conference 2016


Exhibit move-in begins at 2-6pm on Saturday, Oct. 15 and again on Sunday, Oct. 16 from 8am to noon.

Tickets & Badges
Please email us right away with the names of your staff and authors attending the conference. You may include ticket orders for any of the events in that email, or download the form or use our online registration system.

Please do not schedule any private dinners with booksellers during the conference. It is important for them to attend the scheduled events and meet the featured authors. We are happy to reserve tables for publishers and their guests at any of our events.

Donated books

Maryland Book Bank will be the recipient of this year’s donated books. Please box your donations and separate from your other freight. We will have “DONATE” labels at registration to put on those boxes.

We have to face it, hotels use internet access as a huge profit center.  If you need internet access, it would be cheaper to contact your cell phone provider and add WiFi to your phone, or get a WiFi pack for use with your computer or tablet. Order form for Wifi and electricity.